ATTEMPTINGETHICS.US is an art/life project. It is almost impossible to frame, as any proposition from my contextual location (as a cis, hetero, anglo-saxon) is in danger of seeking too much attention, signaling virtue, taking up too much space. I want to humbly "lean into" my vulnerability, fear, and "good intentions" (ethics) rather than avoiding, distracting from, or fetishizing these. I want to crouch, like a stalking cat, rather than either sitting down all the way (refusing responsibility) or standing up as if my voice has some extant inherent value (entitlement to visibility, will to power). Many of my processes will thus be private. I will be reading the work of and taking very seriously critiques from anyone who does not identify or operate as I do, a cis, heterosexual, white (anglo-saxon), man/male (heretofore referred to as CHWM). Meetings surrounding behavioral and ethical decision-making will take place with (predominately CHWM, I don't need to take up the time of or request the emotional/conceptual labor of anyone else) artists and community members surrounding the Linda Mary Montano Art/Life Institute throughout January 2018. Resources encountered during the project will be compiled publicly at

This project will operate on 3 layers (private, social, public):

Restricted Readings - I will take any and all suggestions throughout the duration of the project, and will start by reading the following books in the month of January: Living a Feminist Life (Sara Ahmed, 2017), Measuring Manhood (Melissa N. Stein, 2017), Black Skin, White Masks (Frantz Fanon, 1952), Notes of a Native Son (James Baldwin, 1955), Gender Trouble (Judith Butler, 1990), Testo Junkie (Paul B. Preciado, 2008), Feminist Theory: From Margin to Center (bell hooks, 1984)

Open Meetings - Throughout the Kingston area I will interview other artists and community members on how their ethics operate in their lives. While in residence at the Linda Mary Montano Art/Life Institute (hours to be posted) I will be available for consulting if others (CHWM I assume, as I am unqualified to "consult" anyone else) want to discuss the ethical problematics they encounter every day with someone similarly working through it.

Attempting Ethics - will be the results of research conducted. Book recommendations, links to online publications, and resource websites like

The "I" in these statements refers to artist and composer Brian McCorkle